Female-Driven Fantasy and Sci-Fi TV: Its Growing Power

The more studios and production companies bank on the power of women to keep us glued to our screens, the more interesting and complex roles for women there are for us to watch. Two recent series, "A Discovery of Witches" and "His Dark Materials" are both produced by Bad Wolf, based in Wales. Their female heroes are incredible to watch, but not at the expense of great male leads as well. Together, these two shows encompass the genres of supernatural fantasy romance and high fantasy with sci-fi elements. If this production company’s first two series continue to be successful enough, they presumably will go on to make more series with similarly empowered female characters. This is how progress goes on, but the question is – will big Hollywood studios follow suit? In retrospect, we have heard that a director such as Joss Whedon, who created the empowered vampire slayer Buffy, was not as female-friendly as he appeared to be. Will the television industry continue to make strides for female characters and let them be the focus of big fantasy and sci-fi series?

Other series to comment on include The Witcher, which has shifted more focus in its second series onto Geralt’s adopted daughter, and The Foundation, which placed women at the forefront of its plot.

  • This topic DOES seem quite opinionated. The problem seems to stem from the "fact" that you've depicted the female characters of the series you've cited are already awesome, without any proof or explanation as to why you think they're incredible. It might be better to make a comparison between other female leads from other series, just so you can take an objective stance. – Beaucephalis 2 years ago

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