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Female narcissism in The Grimms Fairytales. (1812)

Explore the portrayal of narcissism in the characters of The Grimm Fairytales , and how this has manifested in the representation in today’s popular culture and mainstream television. Are Grimm Tales really suitable for children? What makes them universally appealing? Could explore Philip Pullman’s adaptation of them.

  • This is a good idea but why specifically female narcissism, and not narcissism in general? Also, the Grimm fairy tales were not really intended for children originally. Although they were called 'Children's tales', many elements were thought inappropriate for children at the time and were changed throughout the tales' various editions. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago
  • Female narcissism because it hasn't been covered before simply. Actually they were not originally aimed at children, but have been culturally adapted for them. – Yama144 9 years ago
  • ..also just add to that, that female narcissism is also prevalent within the Grimm Tales. – Yama144 9 years ago

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