Film Adaptations of Cormac McCarthy's novels

An analysis of the film adaptations of McCarthy’s works (The Road, No Country for Old Men, Child of God, and The Sunset Limited), and a discussion of how they deviate or stay faithful to the original works and whether that has paid off or failed in terms of critical reception.

  • There's also All the Pretty Horses that came out in 2000; besides that, though, the author could also talk about McCarthy films that have not been made and discuss whether or not they should be. For the longest time, Blood Meridian was scheduled to be directed by Ridley Scott but has since been deemed, "unfilmable" (which probably led to Scott working with McCarthy on The Counselor). Mariana, an author here at The Artifice, wrote an article about this subject so I'd say don't write too much about Blood Meridian; either mention it a bit or you could even have a link to her article in yours. – August Merz 8 years ago
  • I think there's a lot of scope in a piece like this. I'd be particularly interested in contrasting the successes of each adaptation, especially since the reaction to each of these films has varied so much. – Luke Stephenson 8 years ago

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