Frank Miller's Women: Powerful or Deceptively So?

Comic book writer/film director Frank Miller is probably best known for 300, Sin City, and The Dark Knight Returns. His work usually concerns extremely violent male antiheroes. But what of his women? Are they strong characters or falsely empowered eye candy?

  • I would love to see this article featured in The Artifice. Perhaps it could focus on one of the three works you mentioned, and selecting a couple of female characters from there. I was thinking of Sin City. – Yama144 9 years ago
  • Love this topic! I've read a few of the books from Sin City, so I'm interested to see what the writer has to say. You can even discuss how the women are depicted (i.e. dressed) to support your argument. – Amanda Dominguez-Chio 9 years ago
  • I enjoyed this article! – zac 9 years ago

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