"Frozen-land:" is Disney overemphasizing Frozen at the expense of their other animated films?

After Disney’s movie Frozen came out in 2013, it quickly became one of the highest grossing animated films Disney ever produced, achieving financial, critical and popular acclaim from fans worldwide. In fact, Disney even announced that there was going to be a "5-year Frozen plan" until the inevitable sequel arrives in 2018. (link) However, Frozen’s fame might come at a price for Disney in the future. Despite Disney’s later film Big Hero 6 (2014) also gaining the same sort of acclaim Frozen did (even the same Academy Award for Best Animated Film), in contrast, Big Hero 6 doesn’t have anywhere near as much of the attention that Frozen currently gets from Disney (which ranges from cruises, theme-park attractions, as well as more advertisement in general). What could this all mean then for Disney’s future animated projects? Will the emphasis on Frozen for the next five years become a detriment for Disney? Or should it not be viewed as potentially problematic at all?

  • This a very interesting question that deserves a lot of reflection, analysis but especially SOURCES. Numbers and links (like you've just shared) are essential here - how much has Disney gained from Frozen in terms of profit, and not only in terms of tickets and DVD sales but with all the derived merchandise as well and the theme parks? How much did the studio gain from Big Hero 6 (which might have gotten the same kind of acclaim yet has never done as well in the big public's eyes). It demands an aesthetical reflection as well, and you could compare both films. Is the story originally more appealing? Are the characters more sympathetic and well-constructed? Is it because it corresponds to the princess/romantic story model that we associate to Disney? Is the aesthetic more appealing? – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago

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