Game as Art: How Museums Attract New Audiences

We are all aware of the ongoing debate in the game world about whether games can be art or not; however, we don’t seem to give much room for what the art world has to say about this topic.

There are handful of museums and art galleries that have show different forms of games (video games, interactive games, card games…and many other games). In fact, bringing game in museums and galleries is used as an innovative strategy to invite public (including non-art public). Explore different ways museums and galleries exhibit games and write about different types of games as an art form. Perhaps look into interactive games using Arduino, Occulus and Leap Motion and/or games that incorporates various topics such as food games to make a concrete argument about how games are accepted in museums as an art form.

  • This is a great topic and, although I would very much like to feel that there is a sort of reason that video games should not be considered art, i cannot think of a reason as to why they shouldn't be...I mean namco themselves released a game collection in which they called Namco MUSEUM. It has also inspired people to further develop what a video game can be (ie the Occulus)...art is supposed to be inspiring, enlightening, cause everyone to have thoughts. Video games only prove more and more that they are an art form with the now present Theatrical feel they possess (the Metal Gear Series). It's a dope topic ( i believe) – Cargoflo 8 years ago
  • I am an artist myself and would like to take this opportunity to introduce game art scenes specifically in the art world such as Game Art Festival at Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA) and many other artists who blurs the boundaries between game and art with this topic. Being said that, I think mentioning the stereotypes that is entitled to the word, 'game' would be an interesting starting point. Thank you for your opinion! – Camella D. Kim 8 years ago

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