Gaming and its impact on society.

Today more people than ever play video games. There are professionals and streamers who can truly make a living out of a past time many never thought could be such a thing. Working at a game store I see people I also would never have thought playing video games. I do not believe there is an age range that does not play or has been exposed to video games. Its impact on society I believe is a good one as people can connect with others with a similar passion such as game cons or playing online MMO’s and meeting new friends. Its industry also creates thousands of jobs and brings people from all aspects of the world together to create a masterpiece. Artists, sound designers, programmers, you name it and they have a place in game design! That is one of the great things about the new age we are in. No matter your hobby or your interests there always seems to be an option for you.

  • *its Not to be a grammar Nazi but mistakes like that really do make your writing look sloppy. Cool topic idea, though! I'd love there to be an article that focuses on like gaming and an unexpected audience of people, like grandparents or 40-year-old women. – thekellyfornian 8 years ago

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