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Gaogaigar: The True King of Braves

America has a love/hate relationship with the Super Robot. Sure it latched onto Voltron and the different Megazords in the Power Ranger Franchise but for the most part we seem to give most other "Super Robot with an Ultimate Attack to finish the monster" shows a cold shoulder. That’s really too bad because there are a lot of good shows out there who follow this formula. Gaogaigar is one of them which not only deserves people’s attention but should be required viewing for all giant robot fans.

Sure there are a lot of fans out there who are over the top in love with this show but that’s all this show has really, hardcore fans and nothing else. Just looking for pictures to put into the review for it, all I really found was a a few screenshots and endless pictures of toys. This show should have an insane amount of fan attention and love but nope, all it has is people who sing its praises and those who avoided it. This gives it a worse reputation than shows which fall into the "worst" categories because shows with terrible reviews at least get discussed openly but with a "Love it or leave it" show, those who pick leave it never give it a second thought.

Also, the theme song is incredible catchy.

Rating: B+/A

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