Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, a Season Six Redux

Compare the narrative similarities of season six with the Netflix revival. A lot of the same conflicts were set up, Rory not being fully committed (to Yale or a stable job), Rory and Lorelai fighting, Luke and Lorelai fighting, Rory and Logan’s relationship. Amy Sherman-Palladino seems to have re-set these pins again so she can knock them down the way she initially intended. Does the time jump affect the intended narrative in any way? Does it even matter?

  • I also found this very interesting. In a discussion with a friend about it she said originally Sherman-Palladino had wanted Rory to be pregnant at 21 but ended up holding off. (I'm not sure if it was due to actor preference or what specifically changed her mind) But I do think in a way she used this final season to bring back the generational challenges that have always circled the Gilmore family. I think the time jump affects the narrative because it snaps us back into a sort of reality. We were originally left on a high note with Rory not settling and striving to achieve her goals to be a journalist. Now we see that some things don't change and our fate catches up with us eventually, no matter how much we may run from it. – Julianne 7 years ago

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