Hallmark movies and their appeal

Every year, Hallmark makes a hefty profit on their Hallmark movies, particularly the Christmas ones. What makes them so popular? They are obviously predictable with recurring actors and events (interrupted kiss, small town preference, fall in love within days,etc) yet people flock to them with enthusiasm.

  • I always see a few of these a year. I assume that writing a script cannot take up much time since there are basic themes they have in common--like interchangeable parts. I can never understand the appeal of the "sensitive" man who always has the day-old not shaved look. If I don't shave for a day or two I look like a bum--how much time do make-up people spend getting the leading man to have that facial hair look? – Joseph Cernik 5 years ago
  • Ha! I've noticed that scruffy not-shaved look being more prevalent lately as well and do not understand the appeal. It's not clean-shaven and it's not a beard--it's like some weird hybrid thing. Make a choice! – tclaytor 5 years ago
  • There appears to be a repeated formula in the repetitive parts a new Hall Mark Movie usually includes. (Don't forget where the main character and the love interests don't see eye to eye at first. Usually one of them hates Christmas while the other one adores it) That being said.. Hall Mark does have a "feel good" vibe present in those movies. That may be more important than the plot itself – Amanda30697 5 years ago
  • I think that it's also important to note that hallmark movies are very family friendly and provides a chance for people to watch it communally, regardless of their age. The family friendly aspect and popularity of these movies during Christmastime also makes them kind of nostalgic and warm. While these type of movies are predictable, the simplicity of these films make them pretty easy to understand and follow which makes them marketable to nearly all age groups. – jay 5 years ago

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