Harley Quinn & Joker: A problematic lovestory

What is so alluring about the love story between the insane and the manipulated. Why must these two characters continue to be televised as madly in love despite the comic books very clearly outlining how Joker manipulated, tortured, and conditioned Harley Quinn into becoming the villain we know and love. Why has Harley’s break from the Joker and bisexuality been ignored throughout the development of her character and why the hell havent we seen any development of her relationships with Catwoman and Poison Ivy?

  • Oh my gosh thank you for this topic!!! I am a HUGE Harley Quinn fan and I absolutely hate the romanticized version of the love story between Joker and Harley. I have always found this relationship breaks my heart more than makes it full. And I hate when girls say they want a relationship like Joker and Harley when they've only seen the romanticized version of this story.. – ChaosMistress5817 2 days ago
  • One thing you could focus on is why it took so long for the DC comics to finally make Harley Quinn break away from Joker,and maybe try to identify why the relationship was tolerated throughout the years – tmtonji 2 days ago
  • I'd compare different depictions of this twisted romances. Ironically, the 1992 animated series (wherein she debuted) seems to provide both the tamest and most mature take on their relationship, not reveling in torture porn while having a narrative awareness this is a deeply dysfunctional and abusive relationship, while Suicide Squad ups the ante on the abuse and simultaneously romanticizes their relationship in an objectively unhealthy way. How is it that the cartoon recognizes this is pure abuse and manipulation, while Suicide Squad tries to imply "he really does care"? How is it the film intended for adults is more naive and less realistic than the kids cartoon? Not just these two, of course, but, considering their public profile, I'd consider them first. – Allie Dawson 2 days ago

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