Has DC Animation Gone Too Far With Changes to the Source Material?

With The Killing Joke sneak peak at ComicCon 2016, there has been an uproar about the sex scene with Batman and Batgirl. Why would DC Animation do such an off continuity stunt like this? The source material and the animated films will obviously have differences, but why go this extreme. I take no side on the argument about the scene. I do understand that directors can choose to change and alter parts of the story and allow the end product to be slightly different. Is that what the public wants? Have they gone too far? Is it disrespectful to the writers?

  • From what I understand their writer that wrote this adaptation also has a hand in the "Batman: Beyond" series. In the series (which takes place decades in the future) Bruce and Barbra eventually hookup in their twilight years. I dunno man. I guess that writer really ships the pairing? – tacit 8 years ago

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