Hellraiser and Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch painted among the most vivid depictions of Hell. His visualizations depict a crude, decayed cesspool of sin and depravity. In the 1980’s, Clive Barker brought the world Hellraiser, a depiction of Hell equally depraved. Each work complements the other in more ways than one may initially realize.

  • THIS SOUNDS AWESOMEEEEE. I wish I had constructive advice or a different take on this, but this is already the COOLEST IDEA EVER. I want to read this! – PeterThelonious 7 years ago
  • Now that I've overcome my initial excitement, what sorts of similarities would you be focusing on? Just the visual similarities between the two hellscapes? Or maybe you'd be arguing that the damnation often found in Bosch's painting is thematically similar to the the behavior of the Cenobites in Hellraiser? Maybe you could contrast the individual Hellraiser films in how similar or different they are to Bosch's hell? – PeterThelonious 7 years ago

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