Historical Accuracy in Film: How Important is it?

This article should focus on viewing films and stories that take place in the past – how accurate are their outfits, props and locations? Obviously this wouldn’t apply to full-on fantastical worlds, but stories that are meant to take place in our world like the Rurouni Kenshin films, the Last Samurai and the like could all be considered. It would also be interesting to discuss how important historical accuracy is – although many of the audience may not catch the small details, are they worth putting in regardless?

  • Might be worth looking at films that deal with famous criminal affairs or political affairs and see how the director presents facts - is he biased? can he be completely neutral? Same for historical dramas. Might be worth looking at how films can differ depending on their country of origin and how countries can have different perspectives on the same events. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago
  • I would like to see the focus of this article be focused on which details are important to the story in the sense that they are there for a reason. I've stopped reading many "historical fiction" novels b/c the author was more invested in displaying their research than in telling a story. In film, the stakes are raised b/c production staff are required to physically reproduce those details, so it becomes even more important to decide which are worth the money and screen time, and which are "padding". So it becomes a dance between the writers, director, and production crew -- how are those decisions made? – Monique 9 years ago

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