Hollywood Forcing Cinematic Universes Down People's Throats

It’s nothing new that Hollywood has constantly been rehashing sequels and remakes for a long time. Then, when Paramount made their own cinematic universe with The Avengers, Hollywood thought they could do this with other properties. They tried to make a movie universe with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but that crashed and burn quickly, mostly because audiences didn’t really care about the universe they were making. Universal Studios tied to do something similar with Dracula Untold, by setting an up a monster cinematic universe, but it to was disliked by many critics and audiences. So, why does the Marvel Cinematic Universe work, while other don’t? Could It be because audiences are to overwhelmed by all the movies, or was it because they we just bad movies?

  • You could ask if Hollywood Studios should do more to communicate with fans via social media to anticipate what franchises will be a success. – Ryan Errington 7 years ago
  • You could also bring up how man studios rush into the shared universe concept head first and how this creates a cramped, sloppy story since there is no real game plan such as what DC is trying to do with it's upcoming Batman/Superman film. – Hailtothechimp 7 years ago

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