Horror in your Front Room

How does the experience of watching horror film differ when watching on streaming and on-demand services at home? With the rise of Netflix originals, is there still a place for cinema screenings of these films? In particular with the genre of horror, how much is the setting of your viewing an important part of the experience?

  • An interesting idea that's not often thought of. I feel like there might even be other factors that impact the experience of viewing horror--not just the location, but also the time of day, and who else is around you (if anyone is at all). – Debs 5 years ago
  • I think the location when viewing a horror film is extremely pertinent in the viewing experience. Watching something alone in a cinema may give a completely different reaction than watching with someone in a brightly lit lounge room streamed to the TV. I think it's dependant on what kind of film you're watching, which influences what setting you should watch it with. – monbronte 5 years ago

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