How does God of War use and subvert traditional Norse Mythology

God of War has been a smash hit since its release April 20th. With a strong sales launch and massive critical praise, the game is primed to be a benchmark in AAA gaming. By setting the game in the Norse world, God of War borrows the mythology of the Norse cultural groups. In doing this, The game sets expectations for what enemies you will see, what locations you will go to, and what events will occur. However, the game plays with the conventions and established canon of Norse Mythology in surprising ways. This article would analyze how Norse mythology is applied to the God of War universe and how the game subverts our expectation of traditional Norse myths and characters.

  • I preordered this game and definitely do not regret that decision! Fantastic game, 10/10 would recommend. Underneath this topic, I think something interesting to explore would be the emphasis on Freya as a mother. I didn't think of her as primarily as mother figure before playing the game, so that would be a change to the original mythology perhaps to explore? – Nezumiria 6 years ago

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