How does Made in Abyss's art style contrast with it's dark story

Made in Abyss is a new anime series, adapted from the manga of the same name. The series focuses on an orphan girl named Riko. Her goal is to explore the massive hole in the earth called the Abyss, like her mother did. The Abyss have a plethora of artifacts and remnants. To pursue these treasures hunters must brave terrible conditions and brutal nature. One aspect of the series that is the most jarring is the stark contrast between the art style and it’s story.

Made in Abyss features beautiful animation, with bright colors and lush environments. The main characters are small, cute, children, however, they face the horrors presented by Abyss. Particularly, the damage that happens to the human body, losing control over body fluids, hemorrhaging, broken limbs, amputation, etc . . . As each layer is reached the effects get worst. Explore how the anime’s style contrasts with it’s content and how that might effect the story and viewers.

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