How I Met Your Mother vs. Friends

This is arguably one of the greatest debates in television sitcom history. This article would explore the pros and cons of each iconic show and compare them to one another in regards to sense of humor, time period, characters, etc. Which one truly defined the great American sitcom?

  • Clearly this would be a subjective viewpoint, as there is no definite answers. Instead you could argue why both sitcoms are considered great, examining particular parts of each sitcom. – Ryan Errington 8 years ago
  • I like your idea of a comparison. You can also analyse how HIMYM built off of (and arguably improved upon) the ensemble sitcom that Friends helped to popularized because it was created right after Friends ended. – Christina Cady 8 years ago
  • You would also have to mention the big differences between the two shows. Namely, HIMYM had Ted telling the story to his kids and that added a mystery element to the show, while Friends was about the life of these five people. If you went with Ryan's idea above, talking about how these comedy sitcoms made the viewer connect with the characters, as well as pull big emotional punches while still keeping up the comedy could be two topics you mention. – Tyler McPherson 8 years ago
  • Might also be interesting to address what facets of American culture each show highlighted and how each show was reflective of its decade. – Monique 7 years ago
  • The two shows are very similiar in that they are the great American sitcom for different generations. – MRichens 7 years ago
  • I believe this would be a great comparison as this shows consist of some of the same writers as Friends. I believe it would be helpful to compare how different the series is without having the Ross/Monica brother/sister relationship in HIMYM. – JFBeck 7 years ago

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