How Interactive Theater Affects the Play-Going Experience

Analyze how plays that make the audience interact with the narrative may affect those who attend, perhaps in comparison to "normal" theater experiences (a clear boundary between the stage and seating). An example that could be explored is Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, an immersive, site-specific play where the audience members are free to roam different rooms to collect pieces of a silent narrative derived from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. For the audience, how does this set-up possibly open up more possibilities when it comes to experiencing play narratives?

  • I like the plays to be more spontaneous. A play with a predictable ending is almost boring. – shadowformality 7 years ago
  • I would suggest that the writer focus on plays which are being re-invented through the use of inclusion so that there is something to compare the different methods to. Richard Schecner's 1970's production of Mother Courage is an excellent example. – Cmandra 7 years ago

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