How music impacts a show

The song choice, volume and cut of a soundtrack have a huge impact on how a show is displayed.

  • This is a very good topic to explore! I think it would also be worthwhile to explore how soundtracks are as much a part of of a show as they are their own entity. For example, a show that is generally considered "bad" but has a good soundtrack and what that means. – annasamson 2 years ago
  • It would be useful to search out why we, as humans, are attracted to music in the first place. What is the psychology behind liking a soundtrack or not? What we are looking for in a soundtrack to consider it as "good" for instance? I am not talking merely about the styles of music, but rather about the features that a piece of music has, which would have an impact on our psychology, and which make it so different from non-music (i.e., just a pile of sounds). It may be a good point to start with. One reference can be Minsky's "Music, Mind, and Meaning" (1981). Then, one may raise an idea that turns back to Aristotle, that is: One who loses one sense will lose one knowledge, though the sensual experience by itself is different from perception and then is not by itself knowledge. Then a combination of many senses will be cognitively richer. On the other hand, our perception is guided by a background of active ideas. So some direct key messages during the show may guide then our multi-sensual experience. Another important point to raise is that of harmony between the different sensorial inputs. This may open the door to consider how a complex whole experience emerges. Sometimes a soundtrack alone would be considered as good, and a visual event alone also so, etc... However, together may end up being bad! Is the whole more than the sum of its parts? Or maybe it is just different? If there is something more than the sum, what this thing would be? Indeed, it is a very rich topic that opens the doors to many important philosophical and psychological topics... – Samer Darwich 2 years ago
  • Whoever writes on this topic should include the soundtrack from Mad Max. – Munjeera 2 years ago

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