How to Promote the Arts in a Dying Age

When the economy starts to fall, citizens begin holding onto their money more and spending wisely. There are certain things we can’t do without in life, such as food and shelter, and these are the things we often save our money for when times are tough. One of the first things to get cut from our expenses is the arts and entertainment, something this website celebrates in full.

Do you think that the arts suffer more when the economy falls? Do you think the economy is near collapsing entirely, therefore putting the arts in severe danger? If the arts are the way we celebrate and enjoy life, are they truly unnecessary compared to all else when times are tough? How can they be the meaning behind and representation of life if we are so quick to do away with them?

  • The answer to the question is yes; art suffers when the economy is weak. I had to shut down my studio when we had the severe economic downturn. Many galleries in my area had to close. We even had a museum that had to close their doors. Other museums had to restructure hours and staff to stay open. We also had municipal run galleries and art programs that were turned over to private organizations that now run these programs because they can concentrate on soliciting funding. A source for someone who wants to write about this would be to get statistical data from the various state business licensing and see how many art galleries went out of business in the last few years in comparison to how many have opened up. Furthermore, another addition to the story could be the privatization of the once run government art facilities due to lack of government funding available. – Venus Echos 7 years ago
  • Agreed a weak economy can cause art to suffer. Essentials are key, but art is an essential when thinking in development terms. Whomever decides to write on this topic might also take a look at how some schools have completely removed art and music from their curriculum and how that affects child development; or how a diminish in support for the arts could affect the future . – DeGirl 7 years ago

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