How To Train Your Dragon 3: Together or not?

According to the "Dragons" films’ director, Dean DeBlois, Hiccup and Toothless begin to conflict as both have become the respective leaders of their people and have begun to clash with each other as they try to do what is best for their own kind. Because of their new role as leaders one of the difficult decisions they end up making will be separating the Dragons from the Vikings. Considering that the franchise uses the strength of their relationship as a crucial element to uniting the two clans and that Hiccup is most recognized for being a friend to all dragons, do you believe that this separation will only be a temporary fix? Do you believe that this decision will end up being for the best? How will this separation affect the entire franchise?

Remember that DeBlois has no intention of making another sequel, so the ending of the third film will be the definite ending for the franchise.

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