How Vampires have Changed in Film

Analyze the most important changes in vampire films from the early Dracula and Nosferatu horror movies, to the teen action vampire shows of the 90’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to the diverse vampire films of today like Twilight, Let the Right One In, and Underworld. Focus on the genre of each film, the character of the vampire, his/her appearance, whether or not he/she is the villain, the way the vampire is killed, and what this kind of vampire says about the generation.

  • 90s instead of 90's. – Venus Echos 9 years ago
  • Not sure if it'll help, but it might be a good idea to also analyze how vampires are depicted in animated films as well. Whether they're from North America like Hotel Transylvania or even anime films that have vampires in them. – Ryan Walsh 9 years ago
  • This is interesting. There have been both morphological changes to the vampire body as well as moral changes (how they behave). So this article could give somebody a really good incentive to explore a lot of different vampire facets. – DClarke 9 years ago
  • Another good movie to analyse is Interview with a Vampire as it was one of the first films to spark the modern attractive vampire. Additionally, one could look into the sexual undertones of different vampire movies and what these undertones say about society's values and ideals. – missmichelle 9 years ago

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