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Husky and Medley: A Yuri Manga Review

Huskey and Medley is a cute Yuri manga about two girls falling in love with each other. The plot is based on a real 2chan thread. It stands out from many other manga because the events in it feel like they could have(and may have) really taken place. The art work is simple but uncluttered. There is also a nice vocaloid song inspired by this manga, which I have linked in the article. It’s short but neat, it doesn’t extend itself any longer than it needs to before it becomes boring. The conclusion of the story is predictable but satisfying. It has got some content suitable for adult audiences but it’s not porn.

The protagonist of this story code-named ‘Medley’ gets suggestions from anonymous 2chan users about what to text to her crush, which is quite similar to what is done in the popular Japanese drama Densha Otoko (train man) even though other than that there aren’t many other similarities and ‘Husky and Medley’ feels a lot more realistic than Densha Otoko. When I say ‘realistic’ I don’t mean sad or depressing. It’s actually a pretty light hearted manga that also manages to not treat its characters as jokes, unlike some other manga/anime series. I am looking at you Shimoneta.

  • This sounds quite interesting. While I'm not hugely interested in high school yuri (largely beause most of what I see descends in porn or features a lot of teacher/student pairings), this gives a much nicer slant on it. If it's half as good as Octave, I'll be happy. :) – mattdoylemedia 9 years ago
  • It's really interesting how this manga idea got started on a message board. That makes it even more real feeling. – Tatijana 9 years ago

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