We have been defining ourselves in relation to portraiture since man existed, in the form of wall paintings, to portraits and now the profile. Do people think the growing abundance of profiles on the numerous different social media websites etc diminish our own sense of identity? Can we even have an identity when we have multiple identities?

  • I think this interesting. I wish you can elaborate more on the idea. Is this strictly social media? you can even expand this topic to eastern-western difference in profile creation. – Jill 9 years ago
  • Something interesting I learned while studying sociology is the idea that identities are performative - identities are constructed based on how we want others to perceive us. "The Looking Glass Self" would be an interesting concept to research for this, and could be related to how we construct our profiles on different social media websites (someone's Facebook profile is probably going to be vastly different from their Tumblr profile, for example, based on the different cultures of those sites and how they want to fit within them). – Grace 9 years ago

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