Idol Anime and Its Surge of Popularity

Not necessarily "development" per se, but could also be comparison, analysis, history etc. I think this will be an interesting topic to work on. I would have written a piece myself have I been freer in my daily life.

In recent years we see idol anime like "Idolmaster" and "LoveLive" that are extremely popular among anime fans. We also have the likes of "Wake Up, Girls!" that divide opinions. Many characters throughout anime history are also considered idols, such as those in "Sailor Moon", "The World God Only Knows", and "Fortress Macross" for those who watch older stuff. What should we look for in idol anime? Are they simply "moe-oriented" shows? If not, How serious should we treat them? How does Japanese culture in its own shape idol anime? Why aren’t idol anime as popular in the West?

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