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Impact of Let's Players on YouTube

It seems more and more people these days are turning to YouTube as a source of income, particularly in the let’s play department. People like GameGrumps, Markiplier, and Versus all entertain us with their videos on YouTube, and I wonder what kind of impact this is having on the world, since YouTube and gaming videos in general seem to be "in" right now. Feel free to also discuss the similarities and/or differences in how the aforementioned let’s players approach their medium and audience. I also suggest watching their videos (possibly draw my life, if there are any) to be familiar with their work before writing on this topic.

  • I feel like this could be a very important conversation topic. Also, since Youtube pays depending on how many minutes are spent watching a video, the Let's Players can often get paid a lot more than independent and creative artists because their videos are naturally longer. – Jemarc Axinto 9 years ago
  • I think it also important to mention that many Lets Players provide other content on their channels too. For example Markiplier has some comedy sketches along side his lets play videos. – Cagney 9 years ago

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