In Comics, Are There Real Life Topics That Are Off Limits?

At San Diego Comic Con 2018, Tom King unveiled his upcoming Heroes in Crisis event for D.C. Comics. The event will focus on a super hero rehabilitation center that is the target of a mass shooting. Tom King has been up front about his belief that comics should confront real issue that society is dealing with, but will this subject matter be too serious and rooted in reality to be successful (both commercially and artistically)? this article could examine other situations that explore real world issues (the struggle of Pakistani-Americans in Ms. Marvel or Drug Use in Batman:Venom) and if and how these more grounded stories are successful. You could also include the comic book industry’s use of rape and domestic abuse as a plot devices, which have largely been criticized by critics and fans alike as often being insensitive or used in inappropriate ways.

  • I suppose the answer is largely no and the focus of the article would become about how these topics have been used in different dicotomies - realistic/unrealistic, objective/subjective, respectfully/insensitively, constructive/destructive. A great topic to discuss indeed! – SaraiMW 6 years ago

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