Is The New DC Cinematic Universe Too Serious

DC is taking a different approach from Marvel, and are trying to make thier superhero films more dark and serious. On one hand it, is good DC is trying something different, and not trying to copy everything marvel has done. On the other hand, it sort of sucks all the fun of having it be a superhero film. From what we have seen so far, the world they created is very grim and kind of depression. There is nearly any humor to carry these film, and you need humor to brea up the tension.

  • It also seems like that DC/WB are going for a more adult audience as well. I mean with the neck snapping in Man of Steel, and the inclusion of Suicide Squad. And if the animated movie Assault on Arkham is any indication the SS movie will not only feature adult violence but sexuality as well. Which I think is something Marvel/Disney wouldn't really touch as they enjoy the family audience. – Cagney 7 years ago
  • DC also has a strong presence on TV at the moment, and to ally those shows have humour in them. So maybe they could adopt strategies from these and use them in the movies. – Tyler McPherson 7 years ago

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