Is the new Witcher Netflix Original Series going to fall down the same path of several other book to film or TV adaptations?

With the new Witcher Netflix Original series having recently been announced is it doomed to fail as a fantasy series? The Witcher universe is vast and very detailed. Not many TV series within the fantasy genre have been able to be adapted from books correctly in the past that fans, and new audiences have been happy with. How do you think it can be adapted, with what is most likely going to be a small budget especially for one season when The Witcher series extremely popular since The Witcher video game franchise began? Do you think it will fail because of the genre and story expectations that come with The Witcher series?

  • Netflix has a pretty good record with creating great television, and now would be the prime time to get a Witcher series out there. The game is still fresh in people's memory, and with Game of Thrones ending its eight season run next year would give plenty of new viewers to support a large scale production that would do the books and the games justice. – AGMacdonald 5 years ago
  • Only time will tell. – T. Palomino 3 months ago

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