James Gray and The American Dream

James Gray continues to prove himself as one of the unseen heroes of modern cinema with each and every film he releases. His dedication to form, his deep sympathy for each of his characters, and his ability to muster the most sensitive performances out of his actors are just a few reasons why he’s one of the best American directors we have. He also tackles similar themes throughout most if not all of his films such as family, loyalty, regret, love, and time. There is one rumination, however, that James Gray explores better than most other filmmakers have ever dared to try: the contents of the American Dream. What it is, where it’s coming from, where it’s going. In this article, the writer could examine many of James Gray’s films, specifically his New York stories which include "Little Odessa", "The Yards", "We Own The Night", "Two Lovers", "The Immigrant", and "Armageddon Time" as a means to uncover how James Gray explores the idea of the American Dream, how New York City plays such a key part in that story and idea, and what it means to all of the different types of people that golden idea has affected (including himself).

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