Jane The Virgin and Other Series That Have Transcended Their Restrictive Titles

Having only seen a handful of episodes and being acutely aware of the critical adulation it has received from many sources, Jane The Virgin is a much better show than any show called Jane The Virgin had any right to be. It got me thinking of more shows that had restrictive names and ended up being much better than their titles would have suggested, another example that came to mind was last years Trophy Wife and Bill Lawrence’s Scrubs follow up Cougar Town, which even wanted to change its name in Season 3. Also for a little fun aside, you could have a brief look at shows that didn’t transcend their titles and were just bad all round like Baby Daddy and Gary Unmarried.

  • This could become a kind of "How to" op-ed piece about how to create a cracking Fall season show. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago

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