Jennifer's Body: How it Failed its Feminist Audience

In 2009 when Jennifer’s Body was being advertised, the director and screenwriter claimed the film was a feminist horror. Unfortunately, it actually enraged many feminist viewers. What went wrong? Are there other examples of feminist horror?

  • Let's face it; one of the biggest factors why the movie was not good was because of Megan Fox herself. I'm sure she is a fine person in real life, but her acting is awful, and she fails to give her character any real personality. She is only there to have fan service, and that is what the whole film feels like. Plus the Ending was just stupid. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
  • I had no idea that this was supposed to be a feminist film. I suppose that I can see this (sort of) in the power she exudes over men. However she is using the men's sexualization of her to her benefit--encouraging their objectification of her body (the opposite of feminism). The character of Jennifer is a feminist nightmare: the is the epitome of the high school slut cliche. We know nothing about her other than her promiscuous, flirtatious nature. She has no real depth. Instead of being a person, she is a sexual object. This film does nothing to help the feminist movement. If anything, it sets us back. – Nicole Wethington 9 years ago
  • In 2022, only few people would say that movie "failed." It actually became a cult film and many critics have proved how "feminist" it actually is (not using that vocabulary, of course). – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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