Journalism and the Politics of Character Assassination.

Analyze how writing techniques are used by journalist on all aspects of the political spectrum to paint politicians in a specific light. Some journalist might play with elements of the truth or take phrasing out of context to go after an opponents reputation. An example of this from the United States of America might be how journalist on the right side of the spectrum go after progressive senators like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They tend to portray them as communist, but they are actually self-proclaimed democratic socialists. The left in the United States of America also does similar things to the right. The article can also go into the the dangers of avoiding neutrality in political journalism and letting readers come to their own conclusion about political figures. Or, it can dive into the risks of creating a veiled portrayal of neutrality regarding political figures when the writing is not. The writer can also discuss the effects of polarization when it comes to political writing. This topic could be a delicate subject to write about since, for readers in the U.S, it is very close to elections. Nonetheless, it could be a good opportunity for an analysis of journalistic writing.

  • This article would have to be cautious to stick to analysing the writing techniques, and not focus too heavily on the politics (as that is not what The Artifice is for). – Samantha Leersen 4 years ago
  • I agree. I just wanted to put the topic out there for anyone that can skillfully pull it off, and stick to the writing techniques. I've always felt that political journalistic writing is an interesting niche because it functions to sway discourse in a certain way. I'm not familiar with the writing style enough though to do the analysis. – Passerby 4 years ago
  • The article just needs to focus on media bias and use examples from both sides. A certain amount of centrism is required but the person who writes this topic should also consider the limitations of the media. Drawing upon the failure of Hillary Clinton to successfully mobilize voters, reveals that negative media coverage can have the opposite of the intended goal. So this topic would have to critique media and its limitations. Does the media coverage even make a difference? Journalists themselves were shocked and dismayed post the 2016 election and there is ample self-reflection among them as to why all their polls were wrong. But were polls incorrect? Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes. So regardless of media coverage, voting will be served by the electoral college. There are many limits to how much influence the media has as has been evidenced by American politics. – Munjeera 4 years ago
  • I don't think it would be necessary to stay neutral or in the center with this article. If you think one side does this more than another, I think it's fair to build it that way. I wouldn't search for an example on the other side for everything you say about one side's behavior. – AveryGrant 4 years ago
  • I reckon the author should be encouraged to find at least one example of the other side employing character assassination. The author can have their beliefs that one side has a greater tendency for it than another, but neutrality is important when focusing on the writing techniques that journalists use. Otherwise, it would be a political debate that seeks to support the ideology of one side over another. – CharlieSimmons 4 years ago

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