Jurassic World: The Gains and Pitfalls of Technology in Hollywood

The Jurassic Park franchise is known for it’s astounding use of technology creating a hyperrealistic cinematic experience as seen in previous films. From what we’ve seen of the upcoming film "Jurassic World," it is evident that Spielberg has moved to more digital means of bringing his dinosaurs back to life. Critics have pointed out how this use of technology actually demerits the new film because it lacks the grit of the original films thereby distancing the audience from what is suppose to be an immersive experience. Still, while these early previews may be less than impressive, it is undeniable that the marketing for the film has done amazing work with secondary media. This is extremely well exemplified in the Jurassic World website with a very realistic interface that boasts live cams of the park, and details right down to current temperature making the fictional park seem as real as Disney World. This would be an analysis the different uses of technology, what it enables, and it’s possible faults in anticipation of "Jurassic World."

  • I like this topic. I think it would be worthwhile to examine any other remake or sequels that have switched to using digital/computer graphics and have been less successful than the original. – Liz Watkins 9 years ago
  • This would be a neat topic. The increased use of digital or computer graphics in movies is a trend, one that is unlikely to slow down. In terms of sequels that have used more graphics, it might be helpful to compare The Hobbit trilogy and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It seems to me that the LOTR movies are "grittier" than The Hobbit movies. – S.A. Takacs 9 years ago
  • I think this is a very interesting topic. I think the suggestions from Liz Watkins and S.A. Takacs are all great to follow, and maybe if you are going to focus on how Jurassic World uses secondary media to promote the film, maybe you could look into how other films like The Hobbit use similar tactics with its marketing. – Seth Childers 9 years ago

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