Lack of homosexual characters in TV, films, and literature

It’s very hard to find a book about two men falling in love. Most of the time, if there are lesbians in TV or a movie, it is mostly to appeal the male audience. Females are used as sexual items. But, for the past few years, there have been breakthroughs. TV shows such as Faking It on MTV, or shows like Orange is the New Black really do show lesbian relationships and struggles. Are homosexual relationships finally becoming more common?

  • I think entertainment is starting to include more homosexual relationships, but something you could look at critically and address is how these are portrayed. Are the two in the relationship portrayed as the typical "flamboyant gay character"? I'm afraid that this group, though gaining attention, isn't being portrayed realistically and diversely. – moepsen3 9 years ago
  • I do think you have a point in the relationships seen in pop-culture are becoming a little less hetero-centric; there is something to consider. "Modern Family" depicts a gay couple and by many accounts are a fairly realistic version of gay couple. However, the scenes in which the couple are intimate or affectionate towards each other are almost non-existent in the first season. By the time they do kiss in the second season they are in the background behind a heterosexual hug in the foreground. In a seven season run, conversations about their sex life or romantic life are overshadowed by those of the heterosexual couples. – C N Williamson 9 years ago
  • Common because of audience demand/network willingness to accept in small dosage/public perceptions. But another question is: How prominent? – GraceD 9 years ago
  • You're right on the money with lesbian relationships catering to the male gaze. Since you bring up OITNB, it may also be helpful to analyze bi-erasure. Piper has meaningful, fulfilling relationships with members of both sexes, but the show never mentions her bisexuality. She's "straight" when she's with Larry, and "lesbian" when she's with Alex. – Kristian Wilson 8 years ago
  • There are some articles on here which trace the inclusion of homosexual relationships in various forms. I would suggest focusing on one medium. – Cmandra 8 years ago

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