Lack of Original Scripts in Hollywood

Analysis and study of the lack of original scripts for big Hollywood movies. A majority of the recent films from Hollywood have been remakes or adaptations (whether from TV, Anime, or books). I think it would be interesting to look into why Hollywood seems to be shunning original films (or why they seem to only come from indie production companies). What does this say about Hollywood’s creativity? What does this say about the consumer?

  • Rather than looking at lack of originality in Hollywood, how about the rise of originality in foreign films to introduce audiences to specific national cinemas – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
  • To consider this would be to delve into the business aspect of film. Consider the four pillars of cinema: art, technology, business, and society. How do films reflect societal fears? What drives movies, is it business or art? Does it have to be just one? You could also consider the recession and see how that may have impacted the film industry. For instance, it is far safer to release a movie with an established fan base than to attempt to create one. – AnnieVos 9 years ago
  • There was an article a couple of years ago outlining everything scripts need to do to be accepted. Your article could use this list to outline the overt infatuation with sequels, franchises etc. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
  • Selling an original screenplay is harder because nobody knows the screenwriter and therefore is a risky venture and could result in the loss of profits. Books however have proven themselves worthy if they've made a lot of money which means less risk of losing money. – Travis Kane 9 years ago

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