Legality and Morality in Breaking Bad

At one point, Walter White mentions prohibition and how alcohol became a legal market just a matter of years later. Discuss the parallel between Walt cooking meth and Hank, the show’s authority symbol, experimenting with home-brewing. Would the legalization of meth have prevented the destruction Walt caused? How much does the law really play into his morals?

  • This is certainly an interesting topic, but I wonder if it would deviate too much from Breaking Bad and head into legal territory. While an analysis of Walt and his metamorphosis of the course of the show could draw parallels to prohibition, I think that concentrating on prohibition itself and the current idea that legalizing drugs would help curtail the drug wars would involve much more political rhetoric and analysis than cinematic analysis. In essence, I suggest that perhaps this topic should deal more with how Walt decides to bend the law to his will and the implications of that rather than how our legal system is portrayed in the show. – August Merz 9 years ago

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