LGBT in Anime

One of the things that I have seen with anime, it that in the last 20 years or so we have begun to see a push by the Anime community for questioning our knowledge of the gender binary and how we perceive the LGBT community. We are beginning to see an increase of LGBT characters within the culture, and they are beginning to change viewpoints within modern society.

  • An interesting thing to explore would be the role of yuri/yaoi, which I see more a a fetish than representation. I would agree with you that recent representation has been increasing, but moreso in respect than magnitude. [Though I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up with anime that much lately] There have always been LGBT+ characters, but they are now serving themselves rather than the viewer, if that makes sense? – m-cubed 5 years ago
  • First sentence of the topic should say "...anime, 'is' that in the last 20..." Also, this topic would need to explore the differences in American* and Japanese culture to truly understand representation within anime considering that it is not something entirely influenced by the American culture; though millions of Americans are highly entranced by anime and Japanese culture, the Japanese are not inherently inclined to care what we wish for them to represent. *I say American because I'd assume, and it's only an assumption, that America has the highest volume of anime viewers outside of Japan. – Steven Gonzales 5 years ago
  • Just fix some of the grammatical errors and focus your idea. You don't have a topic yet, just the beginning of an idea. The theme is a good one, just find the question(s) you are trying to provoke in people and apply them to your topic. – MikeySheff 5 years ago

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