Lolita and the Shadow

In Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, Humbert Humbert refers to Clare Quilty as his shadow, haunting him and Lolita as they travel across the United States. Quilty is also viewed by many readers as Humbert’s doppelganger. Explore the relationship between Humbert and Quilty and the role of the literary doppelganger.

  • The word "shadow" describing Quilty could also mean that Quilty is the "bad" ephebophile to Humbert's "good" and not just as Humbert's doppleganger (at least in terms of the unreliable narration since Humbert would consider himself the "hero" of Lolita and Quilty as the real villain). – dsoumilas 8 years ago
  • I wrote a paper on a similar topic back in high school, actually! About how Clare Quilty and H.H. are doppelgangers that ultimately unite in the end (a la "we rolled over us"). – txl 8 years ago

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