Love and Marriage in Japan

In Japan, the ideologies behind "love" are a little different than that of the United States. Through television and film – which are the primary sources of information on both cultures, outside of individual research – How is the culture and moral beliefs portrayed in affect to how people view "love" in either country? And how does that affect marriages? How do the customs of each country delegate the reasons behind marriage, and does that affect the ideologies behind "love"? Is there a difference between what is being portrayed through the media and what is true to the culture?

  • This would be quite an interesting topic. The author would have to do a lot of research to understand the concept of love in a different country! They could also talk about how we, as Americans, view their habits of relationships, and how we interpret Japanese love in our literature or films – carleydauria 8 years ago
  • It will also be interesting to see how such cultural practices differ between those living in Japan and Japanese-Americans. Miki Crawford has written an interesting book on Japanese war brides in America; for those who might be interested in writing about this topic. – aferozan 8 years ago
  • There is a lot of literature out there that chronicles the switch in emphasis in western culture from marriage as an economic union, to a 'love match' – louisestupar 8 years ago

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