Makeup: Competition to CGI?

Discuss the role of makeup in movies. How has it evolved over time, and how it competes with CGI and VFX in movies. An example of implanting reality through makeup would be the horrible state of the soldiers in the movie Lone Survivor. The bullet shots are perhaps computer-generated (research needed), but what makes the movie all so real is the makeup.

  • I think you may also want to consider how film technology has affected the make up applied. For example, a lot of the make-up used in film depended upon the kind of film stock it was being shot on. So what looked liked "red" lipstick may have been more like licorice because it showed up on B&W film better. – rj2n 7 years ago
  • Make up helps shape one's identity. It can frame how the character is perceived and portrayed by the audience. Make up is also an important tool in character development - as a character progresses through the film, so does their look. – danasom 7 years ago

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