Money in Naruto

Money in Naruto comes in the form of ‘Ryo’. However, it isn’t ever explicitly mentioned how money is received or created. For example, Kakashi Hatake. Previously, he was part of the ANBU Black Ops, then soon became a jonin-level, academy teacher. What kind of income did he get while he was working as an ANBU? If any? Compare him to a chunin, academy teacher like Iruka Umino. What kind of income did he get? If you compare them together, would that mean Kakashi is significantly wealthier than Iruka?

  • Not trying to bash this topic, but I genuinely do not know how interesting of an article this will be, as the series does not focus on money that much. So, there is really not much to say. (I think there might be some filler episodes that address wealth, but they're filler so whether they match/can be considered canon is actually debatable.) We only get a few brief explanations about ninja's pay. I would have to do some digging to confirm, but I do recall that orphans get their needs taken care of by the village (at least in the hidden leaf. Other villages have differing policies.) until they are old enough to earn money for themselves. So, this is how Naruto and Sasuke are being taken care of before they become genin. During the early chapters/episodes when Naruto is getting his early mission it is stated that ninja's tend to get paid upon completion of a mission. A portion of that pay goes to the village and that is how the village and ninja's make money. Where never told how that money is split, but it is made clear that the village is very similar to a private military company. With the Hokage and elders acting as contractors, and the ninja's acting like mercenaries. The pay is based off the difficulty of the mission. (I recalling this being stated just before the Zabuza arc starts. Naruto is complaining about how their getting lame missions like chasing a cat, and wants something more difficult to prove himself.) Other than that I do not recall much else being said about the pay. I do know every village also has a Daimyo (Lord of the country) so they could be getting pay from them as well, but once again to my knowledge nothing is stated. – Blackcat130 2 years ago
  • To add to that, how does Naruto sustain himself? He's lived by himself since he was a child, does he receive an allowance from the Hokage? – EvanLizardiSimo 2 years ago
  • Studying the economics of an anime world sounds like an interesting topic! Maybe you could extend this beyond Naruto as well, and compare a couple of other shonen anime in which money isn't the central focus. – Sangnat 2 years ago
  • This is one of the thing I really don't like about Naruto. Despite being such a long run it never even scratched the economics side of the world building. One of the untouched side by Kishimoto. On the other hand HxH did it really well while explaining the world building. Now they should do it in Boruto(since Naruto is the Hokege) but I don't think they are doing it. – tasin 1 year ago

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