Musicians and Alter-Egos

Many musicians have adapted alter-egos throughout their careers. Famous examples include Hank Williams as Luke the Drifter and Beyonce as Sasha Fierce. Explore the appeal behind musicians adapting alter-egos, what function an alter-ego may serve for a musician, and analyze possible psychological reasonings behind the decision to adapt an alter-ego.

  • I am immediately drawn to this idea. It would be a great theme to explore. The idea could possibly extend to include or reference the use of "masks" in public spaces, like Sia's hairpieces or Karin Dreijer Andersson's use of makeup to cover her appearance. – Lady Cinephile 8 years ago
  • Do these really work? Rappers have attempted this i.e. Old Dirty Bastard, Osiris, Dirt McGirt or but never seem to stick. Artists reinventing themselves like Garth Brooks seem to be a much more publicized effort, yet tend to bomb commercially. – Jason052714 8 years ago

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