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My Favourite Digimon Moments

With the release of Digimon Adventure Tri, the Digimon franchise has begun to pick up some steam again. While the quality of this new run has been high, the previous seasons had more than their fair share of high quality moments.

Herein, we look at a small handful of Digimon’s best moments from Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure Zero Two, Digimon Tamers and Digimon Adventure Tri. By not shying away from topics that are not commonly associated with Western children’s shows, we are able to see the characters develop through some tough moments, both physically and emotionally.

Tailmon and Wizarmon’s relationship in the first two seasons gave us a truly heartbreaking moment in the first series of the franchise, then upped ante to revisit the story again in the second. When season three rolled around, we were thrown into a far ahrsher reality where bonds were tested (such as in the case of Ruki and Remamon) and evil acts did not always lead to an easy redemption. Now, with the original cast back together for Adventure Tri, the characters are older, and their burden is heavier, with the possibility of death being an obstacle to overcome.

These are among my favourite moments in a wonderful franchise. What are yours?

  • Wow, this brings back childhood memories! Great list. – Emily Deibler 8 years ago
  • Thank ypu Emily. It was fun trying to figure out which moments to put in :) – mattdoylemedia 8 years ago
  • So much nostalgia. What a total blast! – RjWignall 8 years ago
  • I had no idea this show was still going on...I think I'm going to have to revisit it now. – LAMead 8 years ago
  • I actually went on a huge nostalgia trip when I watched the new Digimon – Elijah 8 years ago

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