Naruto vs. Naruto Gaiden

So, Kishimoto is at it again and Naruto hasn’t died as a story yet. However, Naruto Gaiden, the sequel set after the events of Naruto Shippuden, explores themes different than the original series such as the real definition of a mother, maturation, angst and identity crisis not to mention a spectacular female lead character. Many criticized Kishimoto for not being good with female characters but this time, it seemed it worked very well. Well enough to put previous characters to shame. Thoughts?

  • I feel that said female character isn't a strong female character, just a strong character that happens to be female. And what said female character is going through isn't exactly unique, even if her reactions are. It's a different personality going through the same situations, albeit in a different way. Still a great after series though. – Austin 7 years ago
  • It seems that the formula being used in Gaiden is exactly the same as in the original. Angsty teen struggling to find a place to fit in + power + determination = a way to find it. Gaiden seems more of a fan service than anything though, particularly in the early chapters. Kishimoto, in my opinion, seems to be completely burned out on Naruto and is attempting to settle it down by getting to what he originally aimed for in a hurried manner. This is probably because he realized he wasted too much time and created far to many mysteries to be resolved. – garywhinton 7 years ago

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