Neal Shusterman - Scythe - They should have Given the AI Full Control

In Scythe dying has been cured. That means all illnesses and the very process of aging. Nanites in your blood can repair a ‘splatter’ who jump from buildings to splatter on the pavement for fun. This society is controlled by a sentiment AI that is benevolent but ponderous about the one aspect of society that humans prevented it from touching, death. Death personified through the holy profession of scythes that keep the population under control by killing citizens. Some try to imitate nature while others are random, brutish violence. No surpirse it is the human element of this perfect society that is corrupted leaving us to wonder about AI’s depiction in fiction and wonder if it should be given complete reign over all of society as an impartial world leader. The one we all dream of having but know is impossible through human leaders

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