Nintendo Gameplay In The Eyes Of Kids And Adults

Many childhoods involve classic Nintendo games that are still ongoing series, like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic. People still play their games when they are older but have different experiences, some of these games, like super smash and pokemon, are even used in game tournaments. Analyze how some of these games still hold entertainment for all ages, some fail in a certain age group, and maybe what these games should be doing to provide for both audiences. The evolution of certain game series should be taken into account for as well.

  • Maybe discuss the distinct need and benefits (and potential harms) of having games with these extremes, those which equally appeal to all ages, but also those which exclude either adults or children from finding enjoyment. Perhaps ask whether there should be a widening or narrowing of appeal, and I would suggest not just focusing on Nintendo. I don't think this needs to just be focused on old games which have been accepted by an adult audience. – Matthew Sims 8 years ago
  • The lifespans of demographics are fascinating. – Ian Boucher 8 years ago

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