Ocean's 8: Women Who "Win"

Although the idea of "winning" is complicated, the female cast of Ocean’s 8 "win" in so far as they are successful in their heist (even beyond their original expectations), form a strong alliance and friendship, and, in the case of Debbie, get their revenge. Although the film originally foreshadows the heist plan backfiring due to Debbie’s desire to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend by framing him, this expectation is not fulfilled as he is sent to jail. What does the film’s conclusion mean in terms of the film’s conception of feminism?

  • I think feminism is integral to the film but also the theme is not portrayed in a straight forward way. Think about the humour at the end when Sandra Bullock's character talks about how they are inspiring young girls to steal. This speech anticipates how the film will be thought of as an empowering feminist manifesto and makes a joke of it. We are reminded that the film is a comedy and just because of a heavily female cast we should not only think of the film in terms of a political agenda. It is a good film in its own right. – elizask 6 years ago
  • A wider discussion to have may also include a comparison of the success of Ocean's 8 verses the recent Ghost Busters - both are "reboots" and reflect strong feminist views, but one has been significantly more successful than the other both in box office and popular review. So I would add to the discussion, why is Ocean's 8 a bigger win for feminism? – SaraiMW 6 years ago

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